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Marketing Automation for Online Stores

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Provide right offer, to the right person at the right time

Over 500 online stores use our marketing automation software

.... and achieve great results

Average 500% increase in e-mail Open Rates and 900% Click Through Rates. Efect: 50% higher user enagement.

Up to 300% higher conversion rates on dynamic one-to-one e-mails and increase in average cart value by up to 30%.

200% higher traffic at the e-stores with personalized website content.

How Marketingmatic works

Two click configuration with your online store

You can easily connect your shop with Marketingmatic. Few simple steps take up to 5 minutes only. You only need to set up a Marketingmatic account, and then provide your online store details.

Launching dynamic e-mails does not require any work. To start using dynamic website content you will only need to make space for the recommendations box.

Website visitors identification and tracking

Marketingmatic identifies customers visiting your website and monitors which products they are browsing. We do it in real-time using our unique tracking technology.

Marketingmatic constantly builds behavioral profile of each customer (daily, weekly, monthly) to be able to provide best suited offers via e-mail and using dynamic product recommendations on the website.

Dynamic e-mails and dynamic website content at the right time

Marketingmatic automatically sends one-to-one e-mails with personalized offers based on the behavioral profile of your customer. They are delivered when the person visit your e-Store without without any purchase.

Marketingmatic also serves automatic personalized product recommendations when identified and anonymous people visit your online store.

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