How it works

You can easily integrate Marketingmatic with the most popular e-Commerce platforms. An intuitive user-friendly interface mean that you can quickly implement the system and start using all the features. The system was designed to create emails with personalized offers, add product recommendations to you online store and deliver abandoned cart offers in the easiest possible way. Later on, you can vividly see the effects on our analytics panel.

How to Integrate Your Online Store with Marketingmatic

Identify and Monitor Your Store Visitors

Marketingmatic identifies and monitors every individual visit to your online store. Each client's info is gathered: time and date of the visit, visit duration and the kind of products they were interested in. Based on this data the system creates individual behavioral profiles to automatically send e-mail offers and adjust product recommendations on your website.

Abandoned Cart Email Offers

Our system makes it easy to create abandoned cart e-mail offers that are sent immediately after a customer's visit to your e-store. Marketingmatic automatically fills the offer with the products that the customer put into their cart but didn't buy. This email reduces the number of abandoned carts and raises the average purchase value. This is because customers often come back and add more items to the cart to take advantage of a single delivery cost.

Send Dynamic Emails with Personalized Offers After the Customer Leaves Your Site

Marketingmatic gives you the opportunity to rescue not only abandoned carts but also users who abandon you website. Each identified customer that visits your store but does not purchase anything will automatically receive a dynamic email offer. This message includes the products that best suit the customer's profile. Specifically, the email will include the items that the customer viewed and other related products.

Intelligent Product Recommendations

Marketingmatic provides an intelligent product recommendation engine. The algorithm displays the most relevant and interesting offers for both anonymous and identified website viewers.

These offers are based on the customer's behavior on your website and Marketingmatic's analysis of all your customer visit data.

Marketingmatic creates and analyzes the relationship between the viewed products on the website and predicts the recommended products that a client may be interested in (a "next best offer" system).

Newsletter and Email Delivery

As well as dynamic emails with personalized offers, Marketingmatic gives you the opportunity to send normal emails and newsletters. With one tool you have access to cutting edge dynamic email as well as traditional email marketing. Simply import your email template or create a beautiful new one in the easy to use template creator. Now, you are just one click away from emailing your subscribers.

Transactional & Behavioral Analytics Panel

Marketingmatic provides you 2 dedicated to online stores analytical panels that make precise analysis possible. Cumulated statistical data of your products and sales, their variables and reliance gathered in specific modules are the original idea of the system founders. Their evaluation is the best way to increase sales or prepare precise offer and product analysis to plan your next orders. Thanks to all this you can adjust your future supplies to the actual demand for specific products, finalize abandoned transactions or get detailed parameters of your marketing automation actions effectiveness.

Try it yourself

To see for yourself how MarketingMatic really works, please follow these steps:

  • Register in our e-shop:

  • Look at some of the products. Our system will create dynamic content based on your visit and show it to you via dynamic boxes on the site and dynamic email.

  • Add some products to the basket and leave the shop page.

  • Our system will send you dynamic email based on the products that you've looked at, and if you've put something to the basket, it will be sent to you aswell.